Welcome to the world of measurable results!

Our mission: “Delivering measurable results to clients and partners through the use of innovative people and process tools.”

Trajectorie is in the forefront of designing cutting-edge behavioural interventions, individual and Team-Profiles, using validated and patented Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. We blend historically validated theories in marketing and behavioural science like the use of colours to define personalities and brands, with the latest in Artificial Intelligence to deliver our mission.

‘Team Culture Report’ without answering a single question.

Unlike other psychometric tools, that require team members to answer multiple self-rating questions, our ‘Team Culture Report’ eliminates the need to do this. All users need do: Submit 10 images or pictures of their choice. Our unique patented system then takes over, and produces a ‘Team Culture Report’ based on their choices. So, no posturing, no right answers, no opportunity to model responses along power centres!

How our AI simplifies ‘Team Culture Report’?

Marketing and behavioural scientists proved and have historically used the strong correlation between colour patterns and personality types. Our AI engine, built to identify colour patterns in the uploaded images and predict the user’s personality type, uses the same age-old science. The engine extracts personality traits, maps team members styles to produce a report that has been scientifically tested and validated using rigorous testing over 3 years.

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Team Fit report components

The ‘Team Fit’ report blends the time-tested Holland and Gartner’s working and learning styles, and dominant and compatibility attributes, to arrive at the level of compatibility between team members. The report maps these degrees of congruence between team members into a team heat map that provides the opportunity for team reflection and growth. Fitment between individual team members then deep dives into their comparable and contrasting working and learning styles and their more fundamental hard-wired traits.

Beyond reporting to supporting

The report goes beyond reporting, suggests concrete and practical steps that the team members and the team can take to improve the way they interact within the team and with their stakeholders.

Our ‘Partner Trainer’ benefits

Our flexible training options to use the report in a classroom and for team coaching. The Basic Trainer the Trainer covers a walk-through of the report, its sections and an explanation of components. It also includes the step-by-step process to use our portal to setup your batches and extract reports. The Advanced Trainer the Trainer further supports you with a ready to use trainer pack that you can use to deliver a fun, interactive and insightful team building session. You can count on our ongoing support as you become familiar with the report and start using it with the client teams.

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